Apr 26, 2010

Am I gothic girl?

Today one old friend saw me after long time.. and said that I became more gothic than i was some time ago. That made me to sink in to my mind..

Am I gothic?

Yes I do love black color, combinations black-white, black-red, black-blue. Very rarely I choose not to ware something in black. Every day my upper eyelid gets thin black line, but i do not like very dark eyeshadows (I have few in my cosmetic bag anyway). I hate grey colour, so when i need to be classic, i am in black colour (that means almost every day). I am naturally redhair, so my skin is really white naturally and it is hard for me to get a tan. I do not have any piercings (even my ears are without holes). I do not use any lipstick (only simple vaseline stick). I am not a part of any religion, but i do believe in God (just not the oneS people most talk about).

But I do not like today's "gothic" style. They are more punks or look like metal music lovers. Gothic style which i call gothic is pure classic in today's view. Its ordered, it's a bit romantic, it's a bit mysterious, it's total classic... and it's beautiful..
*picture is by someone and somewhere from my pc.
I know, that to be gothich is not just to get some kind of outfit. It's mostly a point of wiew to creation, individualism, beauty... How I understand the world around me describes sentence "Live and let others to live". That means do what you want to do, live as you want to live, and do not interfair to other peoples lives. In that way... yes I am more gothich than I look from my outfit. :)
I guess, today for a first time I confessed to myself, that I'm really a little bit gothic girl... :)

Apr 22, 2010

Today I had a very busy day! I did many things at work, made some things for my final paperwork for master degree... and... and.... i have opened my brand new AMBER shop!!!

Check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/amber4you

What do you think?
Yea, I know.. nor many choices.. but I promise, that in a new 2 weeks there will be more items :)

Now I'm thinking what to do with the amber items from my jewelry shop... andaja.etsy.com
Hm... i think I'll put those I'm thinking about putting those items to my amber shop.. but then again I begin to think, should I leave my amber shop as just a supply shop? I think I need a day or a few days to think about this topic :) How we say.. "Morning ir more cleaver than evening"..

Colours of amber.. photo from my Amber shop

I'll go to check my amber inventory now.. and to search what else I could put in to this shop :)

So good night...

Apr 20, 2010

I will go to hell.. You too :)

I have great news for everyone. We all will go to hell. Why? In every major religion (f.e. Christianity or Islam) you must have only one god, in other way you go to hell. If you do not believe in THAT god, you go to hell. Since you may not be believer of every religion.... You go to hell :) So have fun, you will go to hell for sure :D

"Depths of Hell" by rbkgraphics

Have a nice day! ;)

Apr 17, 2010

Treasury "Natural and Sunny"
Most amber and wool.

Today I have created my first treasury in Etsy. Treasury is a list of various items from various sellers. There is new possibility to create lists - treasury east. So I have tried this option :)

You can check this list here -> Treasury Natural and Sunny
Heh.. I live in the land where amber comes from.. and now i find items with it from all around the world. Somehow strange that the world is sooo little.

Apr 16, 2010

What is amber for?

Many people think Amber stones are actually stones (minerals). In reality however they are fossils. Fossilized tree sap to be exact. Amber is not a mineral, in fact it is more of a natural plastic and there is not an exact chemical composition that makes up amber stone for that reason.

Amber stone feels almost warm to the touch. Minerals feel cool to the touch but amber does not conduct heat the way mineral stones do. If it gets hot enough, amber will actually burn.

Amber can be made to attract electro static electricity. Simply rub it with a soft cloth and it will attract small pieces of paper placed near it.

Most amber stone is a warm golden yellow color, but the colors can run between shades of yellow, orange, red, white, brown, green and a bluish almost black color.

Everyone that spends long periods of time on a computer should keep an amber stone on their desk due to its ability to detoxify the body from all types of radiation (sun, computers, xrays, etc.)

An excellent healing stone, not only is it stronger than some other healing stones but also has the ability to take negative energy that could be causing the illness and transmutting it into positive energy that helps heal the affected area.

An excellent stone for those working with the Law of Attraction due to its ability to help in manifesting your desires.

Tree from natural amber. You can find this tree in my Etsy shop: Amber tree on Etsy

Natural amber on my hand

There will be more information about amber on this blog soon.

Apr 12, 2010

My first mood-board :)
I have found, that there is tradition on Etsy to create mood-boards on every Monday. Mood boards are photo composition from various photos of handmade items which can be found on Etsy.
My today's mood is..
"Window to the spring"
When I look outside the window, I see the Sun, I hear birds singing.. but still it is cold... and I want warm things near my body, like wool or amber.

Rose-> Ing00te
Boots-> aurelijaLT
Wrist Warmers-> Karolija
Earrings with amber-> BacaCaraJewelry

Apr 8, 2010

Lets begin with the background of this blog.
I am from tiny country named Lithuania (North-East Europe).. the country which 800 years ago occupied half of Europe (not joking :) ). We have oldest alive Indo-European language and very old believe system. Lithuania was the last country in Europe to take christian religion, so many facts are known not from the books, but from daily life and old peoples. Christianity took about 700-800 hundred of years to come to humans daily life, so Lithuania is a christian country just for 100-200 years. Christianity was not able to take Lithuania by force, no mater how they tried. Even prepared main crusaders army got to the bones from Lithuania-Polish army at "Zalgiris" battle at 1410... The way how Christianity made pagan people to turn to Christianity was... taking pagan customs and giving them the christian names. And when our Kings got tired to fight for hundred of years against crusader, they just let Christians to pay for people to get Christianised. There was a ritual from Cristian to became pagan again, just church didn't know that :D So even when we were officially Christians, we still were pagans from teethes to leg toes.

Baltic religion is close to Celtic view of the world. I have a dream to live in Ireland and to feel what they believe in. Also would like to know Japanese culture better, because their believe system has many similarities to Baltic traditions.

I am not a witch, and I do not practice any kind of religion. For me paganism is the attitude to life, nature, human body and soul. But I am a little part of tiny nation who still posses knowledge which goes thousands of years ago. So I am interested in my culture, customs, believes and other knowledge.

*** In the picture is someone who could be called Perkūnas, main god in Lithuanian pagan pantheon.
Who am I?

No, I am not strange pagan witch, who lives in a tree house in the middle of the forests. But I would like to be such :D

I am from small country, named Lithuania. Here in Lithuania we call our country Lietuva [L i e t u v a]. Our country is the land of crossroads, because we are in the middle of South and North, and in the middle of West and East.

I am from the strange family. Christians who are interested in herbs and amber. Well, we not always were Christians (as Lithuanians was the last pagan country in Europe), but for many generations we ware helping for others to find the joy of healthy life.

The knowledge about amber, as a very valued gift of the nature, I was taught at my early teenage years. I Knew that my grandfather and grandmother ware well known and respected doctors of old medicine, but I was too little to be taught by them when they ware alive (amžiną jiem atilsį (Eng. let they be in peace forever)). So I am taught by my mother, aunts and uncles. In my generation I am the only one who is interested in knowing the gifts of nature, so everyone from my parents generation who wants to keep the knowledge they got alive, give it to me. Now I have much specific knowledge, which cannot be found in books. It is given by word. There is some knowledge how to heal with amber and grains in very specific ways. But i have promised not to use that knowledge until my relative who gave me that knowledge is still alive. Now it is her main source for living at the moment.

I was taught not to harm and not to lie. To help if someone asks me to and I am able to help without harming myself. Do not forget the ones, who are not able to pay for healthy life.

For me it is never enough knowledge. I do have friends who have knowledge in Chinese, Tibetan, Native Americans and other old medicines. It is really interesting to know them. I am glad, that life gave me opportunity to get little pieces of their information treasure.
We live in the age of information. Books, TV, Internet.. it's the way to find information, and to meet people who know more in their specific field. As I have said, for me it is never enough information... I need more and more.

I do not say, that modern medicine is worth of nothing, but it is not perfect for sure. From my point of view, modern medicine is perfect for making test and finding out what is wrong with your body. But at the same time, chemistry (so I call modern medicine) is poisoning bodies, and the illness goes after illness. I know many doctors, but just some are really good ones. Just few uses herbs, amber as a medicine. And in their eyes, pharmaceutic products are necessary just is some serious cases, when "slow motion" natural ways work too slow and too weak. But in most cases they find the traditional ways, how to strengthen the body that there would be no place (to remove the reason) for illness.

Baltic amber is becoming more and more popular. But with popularity comes a lot of fakes and a lot of false myths. This is the main reason, why I go to Etsy, why I am writing this blog and sharing information i have with everyone who is interested.