Apr 12, 2010

My first mood-board :)
I have found, that there is tradition on Etsy to create mood-boards on every Monday. Mood boards are photo composition from various photos of handmade items which can be found on Etsy.
My today's mood is..
"Window to the spring"
When I look outside the window, I see the Sun, I hear birds singing.. but still it is cold... and I want warm things near my body, like wool or amber.

Rose-> Ing00te
Boots-> aurelijaLT
Wrist Warmers-> Karolija
Earrings with amber-> BacaCaraJewelry


  1. very beautiful ambers, and hope u will be warm in no time. happy monday!

  2. Rich and delicious!!!


  3. So vibrant and delicious! thank you very much for including my earrings :)