Oct 28, 2010

Some of Lithuania old music...

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Translation by Vaidilute:
Oi giria giria, girele žalioji- Oh forest forest, green forest,
Pilna raibų paukštelių- full of speckled birds,
Ne čia gegutė lizdelį sudėjo-Not here the cuckoo made a nest,
Ne čia raiba kukavo-not here it was cuckooing,
Vyšnių sodely lizdelį sudėjo-it made a nest in garden of cherries,
Beržynėly kukavo-in the forest of birtches it was cuckooing,
Ne čia močiutė mane pažadėjo-my mother promissed me not here(not for this man),
Ne čia mane nuleido- it could mean same, not for right man she gave me
Šitan kaimely mane pažadėjo-she promissed me to this village
Per laukelį nuleido-she send me through this village
Jaunam berneliui mane pažadėjo-she promissed me to a young man
Už našlelio nuleido-she gave me to the widower

My English is not that good, but maybe you( who ever is interested in this song) can find it useful.

Oct 19, 2010

Working with amber in old ways.
I know the man who is making a pendant. He is very nice person... as most people who are working with amber all the time.
He works with amber for many many years, but when we ware talking about ambers' place in Baltic culture, healing and other things, I had quit much knowledge, which was interesting to him...

Same url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm6V3dXnH2A