Apr 8, 2010

Who am I?

No, I am not strange pagan witch, who lives in a tree house in the middle of the forests. But I would like to be such :D

I am from small country, named Lithuania. Here in Lithuania we call our country Lietuva [L i e t u v a]. Our country is the land of crossroads, because we are in the middle of South and North, and in the middle of West and East.

I am from the strange family. Christians who are interested in herbs and amber. Well, we not always were Christians (as Lithuanians was the last pagan country in Europe), but for many generations we ware helping for others to find the joy of healthy life.

The knowledge about amber, as a very valued gift of the nature, I was taught at my early teenage years. I Knew that my grandfather and grandmother ware well known and respected doctors of old medicine, but I was too little to be taught by them when they ware alive (amžiną jiem atilsį (Eng. let they be in peace forever)). So I am taught by my mother, aunts and uncles. In my generation I am the only one who is interested in knowing the gifts of nature, so everyone from my parents generation who wants to keep the knowledge they got alive, give it to me. Now I have much specific knowledge, which cannot be found in books. It is given by word. There is some knowledge how to heal with amber and grains in very specific ways. But i have promised not to use that knowledge until my relative who gave me that knowledge is still alive. Now it is her main source for living at the moment.

I was taught not to harm and not to lie. To help if someone asks me to and I am able to help without harming myself. Do not forget the ones, who are not able to pay for healthy life.

For me it is never enough knowledge. I do have friends who have knowledge in Chinese, Tibetan, Native Americans and other old medicines. It is really interesting to know them. I am glad, that life gave me opportunity to get little pieces of their information treasure.
We live in the age of information. Books, TV, Internet.. it's the way to find information, and to meet people who know more in their specific field. As I have said, for me it is never enough information... I need more and more.

I do not say, that modern medicine is worth of nothing, but it is not perfect for sure. From my point of view, modern medicine is perfect for making test and finding out what is wrong with your body. But at the same time, chemistry (so I call modern medicine) is poisoning bodies, and the illness goes after illness. I know many doctors, but just some are really good ones. Just few uses herbs, amber as a medicine. And in their eyes, pharmaceutic products are necessary just is some serious cases, when "slow motion" natural ways work too slow and too weak. But in most cases they find the traditional ways, how to strengthen the body that there would be no place (to remove the reason) for illness.

Baltic amber is becoming more and more popular. But with popularity comes a lot of fakes and a lot of false myths. This is the main reason, why I go to Etsy, why I am writing this blog and sharing information i have with everyone who is interested.


  1. What a lovely blog. I love Amber and have learned a lot about it recently but I'm very interested in learning more about its healing properties, particularly with regards to breaking down negative energy and the Law of Attraction as I am having a hard time at the moment. After reading your lovely - and uplifting - blog I will make sure to wear my amber jewellery as often as I can.
    Thank you, and good luck with your amber shop and your healing work.
    Amanda (UK)