Apr 8, 2010

Lets begin with the background of this blog.
I am from tiny country named Lithuania (North-East Europe).. the country which 800 years ago occupied half of Europe (not joking :) ). We have oldest alive Indo-European language and very old believe system. Lithuania was the last country in Europe to take christian religion, so many facts are known not from the books, but from daily life and old peoples. Christianity took about 700-800 hundred of years to come to humans daily life, so Lithuania is a christian country just for 100-200 years. Christianity was not able to take Lithuania by force, no mater how they tried. Even prepared main crusaders army got to the bones from Lithuania-Polish army at "Zalgiris" battle at 1410... The way how Christianity made pagan people to turn to Christianity was... taking pagan customs and giving them the christian names. And when our Kings got tired to fight for hundred of years against crusader, they just let Christians to pay for people to get Christianised. There was a ritual from Cristian to became pagan again, just church didn't know that :D So even when we were officially Christians, we still were pagans from teethes to leg toes.

Baltic religion is close to Celtic view of the world. I have a dream to live in Ireland and to feel what they believe in. Also would like to know Japanese culture better, because their believe system has many similarities to Baltic traditions.

I am not a witch, and I do not practice any kind of religion. For me paganism is the attitude to life, nature, human body and soul. But I am a little part of tiny nation who still posses knowledge which goes thousands of years ago. So I am interested in my culture, customs, believes and other knowledge.

*** In the picture is someone who could be called Perk┼źnas, main god in Lithuanian pagan pantheon.

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