Sep 20, 2010

Amber tea? What is this?
Once I was talking with my old friend from USA. I have said, that I am drinking amber tea at the moment. Got a question "Amber tea? What is this?".

Amber tea should be prepared from Baltic amber. Just Baltic amber has enough amber acid to create healing effect to the body.

How to prepare?
If you would like to taste natural Baltic amber tea, you should get so pieces of amber. I usually use about 5g (0.18 oz) tiny pieces of amber for a cup (300-400ml) of water. Why tiny pieces? Because they have more surface which contacts with water, so more amber acid is taken from them. Amber acid melt point is 184-187C (~370 F), so when you use it with hot water, you get just small amounts of amber acid.
But amber has a lot of other good qualities - it is sun stone, charged in Sun. So it contains a lot of solar energy.
Amber tea is prepared in a specific way.
If you are using an ambers for the first time, you might want to was them (unless seller says you should not do that, and did that for you already). Do that with soft, clean water, witch should be about 20C (~70F) degrees temperature. Rub them a little with your fingers in the water to remove the dust which might be there. Remove water. If you think it is necessary, you may repeat it.

Amber tea is prepared by keeping heat for some time.
You should put ambers in a bowl which you are going to heat, pour hot, not boiling water (about 80C (~180F) degrees), and keep it on a little fire (best would be candle fire) for 15-20 minutes.
You might use same ambers for many times, but after 7-15 times of using you should put a spoon of natural sea salt (ordinary is not suitable for this) in to the glass with water and to put the glass in sunlight for a day or two. It is the way amber is charged. Then repeat from the beginning :)
Also you might charge ambers just by laying them in direct sunlight for a day or few, but that doest not charge so well as the first way with sea salt.

You might use same ambers for 15-30 times (depends on particles size) for getting amber acid, and for many many times as a way to clean you body in energetic way (just do not forget to charge them in sunlight). So if you have purchased new ambers for tea, you might use them together with the old ones.

What is the taste of Baltic amber tea?
Baltic ambers origin is similar to pine (extincted now) tree resin. If you would taste strong amber tea, you even would be able to feel taste similar to pine resin. Not sweet, a little bit bitter, amazing smell. Everything what is too much is not O.K., so do not use such tea often. If you drink amber tea in normal concentration, you should not feel taste at all, or it should be very very weak. That is why often amber tea is used with other herbs and honey.

If you would like to use herbs together, it would be better if you would not pure them in a same bowl as the ambers, because it might be hard to remove the herbs after putting them among ambers.

What amber tea heals?
Amber tea is antiseptic (kills microbes), strengthens immune system. Cleanses body from energetic rubbish, reduces negative affects of stress.
Also works as a prophylactic in a way as amber acid does. You might read how it works in my article about amber acid.

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How amber can be used for healing? What is amber acid?

For beginning about place where amber comes from... People in the territory of Baltic lands and Lithuania lives more than 12 000 years. As traditions ware and are important, many knowledge comes from unknown times.
Lithuanian language is the oldest alive Indo European language. In Lithuanian speaks about 4 million people in the world, but it is taught at the biggest universities of the world. Lithuanian language has many similarities with sanskrit (old Indian language) language, many words which are pronounced in similar way has same meanings. So Lithuanian language is at least 5000 years old. Not many language live so long :)

For beginning about amber: "amber" in Lithuanian language is called "gintaras" [g i n t a r a s]. Many people think (me including) that it comes from the verb "ginti" (we are changing endings in our language and in that way we are creating verbs, nouns, adjectives and etc.). "Ginti" means to protect, defend, guard. To protect from illness, to guard soul and body.

Why to choose Baltic amber for healing?
Baltic amber is valued not for cool marketing :) It is valued because Baltic amber contains most of the amber acid inside in the world (to compare with other ambers from other regions). I have written about ambers of the world and copal in this blog.. But Baltic amber is most valued among them all. Yes, for the same acid. And.. for the beauty. Such beautiful and deep colours.
When you ware Baltic amber, some of succinic acid (it is the other name of amber acid) in very small amounts gets through your skin in to you body. The today's medicine also use amber acid which is taken from the Baltic amber. And yes, today's modern medicine uses that acid to heal people. It is expensive, so many people use natural Baltic amber as an alternative for amber acid sold by pharmacists.

Ambers from my Baltic amber shop on Etsy

It's chemical formula is C4H6O4. Melting point 184-187 degrees C. Succinic acid is white crystal powder, whose taste is similar to ascorbic acid (That E330, the one which you find in lemons, oranges and so on.. also called Vitamin C).

What else is special about amber acid? It works where body needs help and do not touch healthy places of the body. It do not stay in a body of human for a long time. Amber acid helps for body and mind. There many recipes in ancient Chinese medicine, where Baltic amber is used (Baltic amber to Chine has been brought by Arabian people, who brought also the name "anbar")

Amber acid is antiseptic (kills microbes), strengthens immune system, reduces negative affect of stress, helps to heal when there are inflammatory processes in the body, strengthens the work of intestine and kidneys, helps to remove toxins from the body, stimulates neuro system. Amber (or succinic) acid is also used to heal various anemias, sudden/strong radiculitis, chronic heart veins illnesses (after myocardium infarct, coronary sclerosis).
When people have problems with thyroid, it is suggested to use amber acid (or amber powder) in oral way and to wear a necklace from natural ambers.

Amber acid doest not have any known side affects.

People who uses amber acid in small amount in prophylactic way regularly, have good mood, healthy hart, are active optimists.
The norm of amber acid in the blood is 0,2-0,8 mmol/l. So people who are always sad, always irritated, always in bad mood and feel the stress from almost nowhere, could make a blood test (in clinics) and make some changes in their lives.

The brighter amber is, the more amber acid it has. That is why white, bone, ivory, light yellow colours are valued so much. Even when you are using a piece of amber, you may notice, that smells of brown and light ambers differs a lot. The lighter colour is, the more smell is sour.

People should heal the diseases by themselves. Professionals are for this. But as I say, today's medicine if in hands of pharmacist, where people are not patients any more, they are clients, who bring the profit. In hard cases modern medicine may be main cure, but in many cases it heals symptoms, but not the reason. Instead of helping for the body to heal it self, weakens it.
If you are willing to heal yourself from something with amber and/or amber acid, you should be watched by doctor, to see how it works for you. Do not forget to give all information you have about amber to your doctor, they know much more about many things than other people, but they do not know all.
In Europe Baltic amber is well know, but in other continents it is still exotic "warm stone".

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Sep 17, 2010

Girl with the hairs of fire loves fire..

Yes.. indeed

After storm we have found out, that some pines had lost a fight for their life against the wind. It ware sad news, because they ware really beautiful and grown up not far from house.. But on the other hand... i had a lot of material for burning :D I love big fire!

It is the beautiful way to get warm in cold evening... You look at the fire and you feel the heat and strength of it..

Magic time.. :)

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Amber is neither a stone nor a crystal.
Baltic amber is fossil resin, which age is about 40 million years. It is warm to touch and very well known for its healing abilities. Baltic amber works not only energetically, but also because of amber acid, which is excluded in small amounts when is near your body (because of your body warmth). That is why amber is valued stone in most expensive SPAs around the world.

Amber has been used since the stone age, from 13,000 years ago. Amber ornaments have been found in Mycenaean tombs and elsewhere across Europe

Baltic amber from my shop

Amber differs from the stones, because long time ago it was a part of living thing - tree. It was excluded as a healing resin, which helped a tree to defend and heal itself. It took 2 millions of years to become a hard, fossilized resin.

So amber has born as a defensive/healing material, born from energy of sun, earth and water (trees are using sun energy and earth materials to grow). It laid down in earth for 40 million years, was touched by sea water (witch is also healing) and now is used by humans. Ironically, many people use amber in a way as it was created. Trees created resin, from which amber came, to heal and defend themselves, in the same way we are using it now.

Baltic amber from my shop

Is fossilized tree resin found just near Baltic sea?
No. But in each amber differs. Baltic amber is the most valued amber among all other Amber.

Copal is a type of resin produced from plant sap, often from members of the genus Copaifera. The term is particularly identified with the aromatic tree resins used by the cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica as ceremonially burned incense and other purposes. More generally, the term copal describes subfossil resinous substances in an intermediate stage of polymerization and hardening between "gummier" resins and amber. The word copal is derived from the Nahuatl language word copalli, meaning "incense". (Wikipedia)

Fossil resins from Europe fall into two categories, the famous Baltic ambers and another that resembles the Agathis group. Fossil resins from the Americas and Africa are closely related to the modern genus Hymenaea
Molecular polymerization, resulting from high pressures and temperatures produced by overlying sediment, transforms the tree resin first into copal. Sustained heat and pressure drives off terpenes and results in the formation of amber. (Wikipedia) .. and that process took few milion years.
Pieces of amber torn from the seafloor are cast up by the waves, and collected by hand, dredging or diving. Elsewhere, amber is mined, both in open works and underground galleries. The nodules from the blue earth have to be freed from matrix and divested of their opaque crust, which can be done in revolving barrels containing sand and water. Erosion removes this crust from sea-worn amber.
Dominican amber, especially Dominican blue amber, is mined through bell pitting, which is dangerous due to the risk of the tunnel collapse. (Wikipedia)

Baltic amber belongs to the highest class (1st) among other 5 classes of ambers.
Only 2 or 3 types of amber belong to this class. So when I speak about healing amber abilities in this blog, I speak about Baltic amber. Becouse only this amber is sold in my shop.. And is the only amber I know all my life.

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