Apr 20, 2010

I will go to hell.. You too :)

I have great news for everyone. We all will go to hell. Why? In every major religion (f.e. Christianity or Islam) you must have only one god, in other way you go to hell. If you do not believe in THAT god, you go to hell. Since you may not be believer of every religion.... You go to hell :) So have fun, you will go to hell for sure :D

"Depths of Hell" by rbkgraphics

Have a nice day! ;)


  1. Well in fact i do not believe in hell the way christianity describes. That's why I let myself to make jokes about it. :)

  2. I have a very different idea of Hell myself.

    Interesting 'Hell' facts:
    *In Norse mythology, Hel was the goddess of the underworld.
    *In Old Germanic, *halja, meaning something along the lines of one who covers or conceals.
    *There is no 'concept' of heaven or hell expressed in the Hebrew language (hmmm...)
    *The Hebrew word used for 'hell' is Sheol which means, grave or pit.

    So, pretty much, most of us shall be in hell or going to hell

  3. I believe we create our reality with our intentions...