May 1, 2010

Lithuania is beautiful!

It really is.
Last weekend I got up a little depressed (many problems at work, studies, and personal life). It was a sunny morning, so I have asked my friend is he free today. He said "yes". I asked him to come. Said to dress-up like he would go to the forest. Gave some money on petrol and showed the way without saying where to go. He got curious.

When we got near the first place I have said, that we are going to search some nice places around the castles.
I was there 10 years ago, so i know that there are definitely some nice views.

We have visited Two castles "Raudone" and "Panemune"
The photo above: "Raudonės pilis" (Photo somewhere from the google).

There was amazing view to the biggest river of Lithuania Nemunas.

Near both castles some of the old stone road was still there.

(Photo of the castle is somewhere from the google). The second castle "Panemunės pilis" is about 10km from the first one. It is also near the river Nemunas but has amazing surroundings with man made lakes (from the tiny river), man made hills and so on. Take a closer look below.

In the summer time, when everything is green, it is amazingly beautiful here..

Near the hill where stands castle is other hill, which (as I suppose) is man maid, the family crypt stands. Time and nowadays humans had really some affect on it.. sadly. (Yes there is me in that photo).
Mankind has affect not only on the crypts but on the trees too. That tree had to be few hundred years old and had to look very interestingly. Not many trees in such age is there..

And then we ware in the road again.. I just said "Next stop is Taurage" "Are you going to your parents???". Yes Taurage is my hometown. But I just wanted to see few places where i spent much time.
I have found some old, well known to me trees..

...and some well known to me places..

Then we ware at the road again. I went to the place, where I have not been for 15 years.

This is MY forest. It is mine, because I have lived near it (about 50 meters from it) for 3 years. The nearest neighbour was about 500 meter from my home, next about 2km :) I knew every tree, every place where to find mushrooms of the kind I wanted that evening for dinner :) The forest had changed unbelievably.. some places where I used to pic-up mushrooms ware devastated, no treed there anymore.. Some places somehow became to swamps. It was great that I was with my camouflage. I love army boots :D we went through the swamp so in each step my feet was 5-7cm underwater, but my feets were dry. I saw a snake in that swamp about meter from me. It was too fast and gone under the water, I could not see what kind of snake there was. At that moment i have remembered that i would like to have a grass snake at home like my ancestors in old times had.. We took a walk for a few hours. We have came to the dry part of the forest. Then just sat on the ground and had a dinner with my friend.
After this we came back to our car and went home.
It was a great day.. i really needed it :) My friend was grateful too :)

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