Dec 28, 2011

Herb healing - Lithuanian/Baltic tradition today
You may watch video here

Yes. It is in my native language, but if you are interested in herb healing, you may feel the spirit... As many ask me about traditions in my land, i though maybe someone might be interested in this video.

Some thoughts from the film...
"I have married then i was 22 years old. After 2 years tree have killed my husband and 4 week old baby left for me. I was doing everything around house, was working in the fields, because i had to live somehow. I was healing myself just with herbs. Meadows are full of herbs.. Forests are full of herbs"

"Our parents didn't new any chemical medicine, they have healed themselves with herbs"
"This meadow fed us and gave us money too. Oooj.. [like oh] There was time when we all came here.. we ware singing, rolling on the grass.. not like now.. somewhere one granny somewhere another.."
"This Saint-John's-wort [high herb with yellow blossoms], as everyone says, it is  from 99 illness. Saint-John's-worth is just from one illness - nerves. When man doesn't have nerves [nerves/stress problems] he is healthy and doesn't have any illness."
"There wasn't any coffees, any teas, and if there ware then you weren't able to buy them [too high price]. Not like now, old or young drinks coffee.. in those times you drink some kind Saint-John's-worth's tea, then you change [herb].. "
"In those times children ware not born in hospitals, granny of the village helped. When baby if born and is not calm, these nerimnikai ware used [high herbs with bubble shape violet blosoms]. Washed with those nerimnikai."
I know those herbs.. various herbs.. maybe 40 kinds of them"

"When i was giving birth for second child i have had clinical death. After that i got vision... reading from palm, diagnosing correctly from palm, ability to search people who disappeared... I guess it is connected with nature, with god"

" And all this plant will be used up [the one with pink blossoms in a swamp]. There are so many people who ask for it.. to heal leukemia, to heal cancer.. It has to be washed up.. only man hand can pull it, it is rooted so deeply and so nicely"
"Herb healer have to be honest with himself, with the one who has illness.. to pick up herbs at the right time, to give right herbs and they will works for sure."
"Today's medicine is coming back to herbs very fast, because it is safer medicine, works well and you may use longer without harming other systems"
"Time comes to every person to decide he wants to heal himself with herbs or with drugs. With herbs you may heal a lot. But again it depends how deep is the illness. You may stop or even heal such serious illness.."
[Storm]"Sweet-flag have to be collected in a storm, when water is turbid. Everything in nature in moved, so sweet-flag gives best healing properties to man"

"Thank you the Fire, Gabijele [ancient Baltic fire goddess] the beautiful one.. that we worked today so well, that you helped me, that ointments are so good..."
"Good day [Sveika as greeting, but also means healthy] forest the green one. How are everyone of you are living today.. birds, my herbs.."
"I was going with my grandmother for the herbs, in such way i have learned to recognize herbs, how to collect them. When i was a student i haven't picked up herbs, but later life has forced me to come back to herbs. You think i was like this all my life? While i have not got ill i wasn't here, it didn't care for me"
"When we ware going with the elders for herbs, we ware making such skudučiai [making instrument from herb stem] that not to be lost somewhere [away from others]. It is very good for children who have various illnesses with lungs, while you blow, you blow out all illnesses"
"The most important is where man lives.. what he breaths, what he eats, what he drinks. The surroundings is very important.. and that changing surrounding.. it does not change itself, man is changing or has to change it."
"I doubt if anyone would be able to talk me away from herbs.. it like dependence upon them now."
"I can not imagine any man near me.. where you saw married witch? [we are not afraid of them here, if they have knowledge we respect them.. there ware not even one inquisition fire in our lands]. When i was young i had a man, even not one. And now.. now i live with my herbs, with my thoughts, with my works.. i could stand here near tree all day"
"[diagnosing girl] I will give you infusion of the snake, your will put 8 drops on sugar, will not feel any taste"

I am from herb healers family.. my mother was healing me with herbs.. her father was well known herb healer... This short movie is about my culture and traditions in my lands... I hope to come back to nature soon too... even civilization gave me master degree in university... I do not wish that my children would grow up in town.. I wish they could feel the grass touch the tree, drink tea in a meadow, to see wild animals outside... This is true life, life without stress.. not a life of bio-robot :)


  1. I really agree with everything she says. I love your blog. I hope to buy amber from you for my teething daughter who is almost two years old and some for my love and myself. I would like necklaces and bracelets.

  2. Loved reading this! A natural and sustainable existence with reciprocity to plants and animals. This is how we should all live and if we are to survive as a species we must relearn the old ways. Thank you!

  3. Great..I am looking for information on Lithuanian herbalists.I am doing a study and talk.Trying to find.