Oct 28, 2010

Some of Lithuania old music...

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Translation by Vaidilute:
Oi giria giria, girele žalioji- Oh forest forest, green forest,
Pilna raibų paukštelių- full of speckled birds,
Ne čia gegutė lizdelį sudėjo-Not here the cuckoo made a nest,
Ne čia raiba kukavo-not here it was cuckooing,
Vyšnių sodely lizdelį sudėjo-it made a nest in garden of cherries,
Beržynėly kukavo-in the forest of birtches it was cuckooing,
Ne čia močiutė mane pažadėjo-my mother promissed me not here(not for this man),
Ne čia mane nuleido- it could mean same, not for right man she gave me
Šitan kaimely mane pažadėjo-she promissed me to this village
Per laukelį nuleido-she send me through this village
Jaunam berneliui mane pažadėjo-she promissed me to a young man
Už našlelio nuleido-she gave me to the widower

My English is not that good, but maybe you( who ever is interested in this song) can find it useful.

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