May 25, 2010

Natural Amber on Etsy

I have added many new things in my etsy amber shop today and yesterday.

Charms from my Amber shop on Etsy

For the same occasion searched around Etsy for natural amber. It is interesting to read how other sellers describe their items, what do they point out and so on.

At one point I began to laugh in voice... Of course it is easy to laugh for me when I grown up with ambers in my hands.. but comon... if you already are selling mainly amber, you should know a little about it. Isn't it right?

Amber is said to be medicine from all illnesses and body abnormalities (like infertility). But to heal some part of the body, amber is put next to it or close to it. In many cases to construct something what would heal powerfully needs very specific knowledge not only about colours of amber, but also forms of amber, symbols, combinations with other plants and so on.
.. So I was searching today for "natural amber" and again I have found teething jewelry. Teething anklet :D I guest that child for whom mother will buy that anklet will have to chew his feet all the time to feel any affect for his teeths :D Teething necklaces should have some affects, to calm baby a little, to reduce fever and pain, but not every amber fits for that... here, on Etsy looks like that people do not care what they sell and for what it should be used. In fact for teething people used not necklaces, but big piece of amber which children ware chewing. Somehow old ways and knowledge are described today in the ways which are easiest to sell and sellers do not care, what they talk it is not true.

Some time ago, i have seen black amber teething necklace. My thought was "Oh my God...". No matter that black stones should not be worn by children under 10 years old at all, but black amber (jet black) do not heal! It is the only amber which is not for healing or protection. And in Baltic lands people avoided black amber, because it should guide soul of the dead man to afterlife world safely (was putted on a dead man in his grave) and was used by ancient wizards in black magic during war time! And here they sell it for children! Can you imagine that?

In time i will make another entry in to this blog, to talk about the colors of amber and for what which color is used. I guess there is another entry needed too - how to determine is amber real. Thinking what else is needed here... maybe you have any suggestions?

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